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Davina Craig

Mosier, OR, United States

Mosier Community School Field Studies

Mosier Community School is located in a rural agricultural town on the banks of the Columbia River. The Middle School grades (6th, 7th & 8th) curriculum is the inspiration for my submission of request for binoculars. Our front yard is one of our most well endowed classrooms.

The mission of MCS is "To foster independent learning and citizenship in partnership and for the benefit of our community". At the Middle School our focus is on providing a middle school experience that focuses on small classes, individual attention, exciting electives, field studies, service learning, and exploring the environment. The strategic plan for achieving the mission is built with the following core values: rigor, relationship, relevance, multi-age learning environment, flexible skill level core learning, wellness promotion, celebration of success and community engagement. We are committed to “walking lightly on the Earth” and barely leaving a footprint. At Mosier Schools we have a recycle program in place to recycle paper, cardboard, bottles and plastic bottles. We compost our food scraps from the cafeteria and give the excess to local farmers to use in their composts or to feed livestock. We encourage students to only take the amount of food that they can eat so as to reduce waste. A large amount of the fruit and vegetables that we serve the students come from local farmers. We have two large solar panels that contribute to our renewable energy source.

So what does that all really play out to in terms of a day in the life of a 6th grade girl?
Field Studies are the the major way. There are two types of field studies. There is a monthly field trip. For each field trip the students keep an observation journal. The journals are used later in the classroom setting to supply information for reports and projects. Typical entries include: types of animals, plants varieties and relative population comparison, human impact on environment and drawings. One of the favorites so far this year was hiking at Catherine Creek located in Washington within line of site of Mosier School. Attached is a photo showing the view from Catherine Creek looking at Mosier (a view most kids had not seen before the field study). The second type of field study is a recurrent site visit to a local area. The student walk 1.5 miles to the Historic Hwy 30 Twin Tunnels viewing area. At the beginning of the school year each student is designated a research partner and an 1 meter by 1 meter plot. The objectives are to record the soil pH, soil temperature, air temperature, weather, plants, animals and human evidence. Then they draw the plot. They conduct observations on the plot through out the year-- rain, snow or shine!

Mosier School is already doing an amazing job with their student researchers. Having 20 binocular would be a real enhancement to our existing field study program. Thank you for considering our application

First Day of 6th Grade at Mosier Community School. Isabella's quote "we finally get to learn about interesting stuff and go outside to learn".

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