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Veronica Bonaccorsy

Fairfax, VA, United States


The Green Team is an after school nature club for students in grades 3-6. Our goal is to connect kids to nature, to inspire a commitment to going outdoors, protecting, and appreciating our environment and all it’s inhabitants. We are gardeners, explorers, scientists, birders, and care takers. We are the GREEN TEAM.


Habitat Helpers

Mosby Woods Naturalists: The Green Team

Mosby Woods is a very diverse (38 languages) Elementary School grades k-6. 30% of our students are on the free or reduced lunch program. As the PE teacher I often have the chance to talk with the students about being outdoors and hiking and birding. They always want to know more or learn more. So we started the nature club. Our long term goal is very lofty: we want to design many green spaces on our campus. Currently it is a mud pit - and not mud flats! Just a barren mud pit! We have plans for a pollinator garden and other native areas around campus. Working with the county, we are trying to plant native trees to provide food and shelter for the local wildlife/birds.

We currently have a small native garden in our courtyard. With a lone empty bird feeder. We want to create a healthy environment to increase the variety and number of birds that visit our gardens and campus. The kids are excited about learning how to attract more birds and how to identify them by sight and song.

They are ready to pick up some binoculars and see what birds we can attract by bettering our habitat!

Our lone bird need of BOSS!

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