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Beverly Johnson

Chebeague Island, ME, United States


The whole k-2nd class along with the 3 Pre-k students teach others about 15 different migratory birds on Chebeague. they made their own paper mâché beaks, paper feathers and other items to make themselves look like their bird. they studied the birds with the 16 students who are in the 3rd through 5th grade class. they presented their video to the community and will be presenting it to the Ladies Aid and the Assisted Living home.

Migratory Birds of Chebeague Island Maine

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  • charlotte henkel says:

    I cannot express how much i enjoyed this video. what a great opportunity for the kids of chebeague. i know school must be a lot more exciting than it was 60 yrs. ago. I’m sure most people who love nature wish they could have been a part of it. i know i would. the kids are so lucky 2 have all the support that it takes everyone who works so hard 2 create this exciting video. The pic of the kids made me smile seeing all the excitment in their faces. how lucky 2 grow up on an island. thanks for sharing i look forward 2 watching many more.

  • Tammy Hoidal says:

    This spring, the K-2 students will continue their love of birding as we begin an interdisciplinary unit on owls. We will be studying native owls of Chebeague. Activities include research, owling, building an owl box, art projects, oral presentations and the dissection of owl pellets. Additionally, we hope to venture to the mainland to observe bird banding and visit the a wildlife refuge to view our feathered friends up close! Stay tuned for an upcoming owl production!!

  • Robert Libby says:

    Thank you for making this video. I learned a lot.

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