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Brian Soash

Toledo, OH, United States


Cimran, Zack, Bryce, and Yusuf, members of MVCDS’s SOLVE(Solve Our Lives Various Experiences) Team, have taken it upon themselves to work together to solve Maumee Valley’s bird strike issue. Maumee Valley has a beautiful 70 acre campus near Swan Creek Metropark. As the facility has grown to meet the needs of its student body, a windowed hallway which expands into the forest that surrounds the campus was built. Unfortunately, this increased the amount of bird strikes occurring on our campus. The SOLVE Team has been collecting data on locations that have the most bird strikes, as well as contacting local ornithologists and leading experts in the field to get feedback on their data as well possible solutions for the problem. The SOLVE Team will be presenting possible solutions to present to the head of school and head of grounds to reduce, if not eliminate, the campus’ negative impact on the local bird population.


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