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Richard Miller

Bahama, NC, United States


An area at the entrance of Mangum Elementary School will be developed into a hummingbird/butterfly garden area for student, teacher, and community study and enjoyment.


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Mangum School Hummingbird Habitat

Bahama, North Carolina is a rural community 10 miles north of Durham. The small community hosts Mangum Elementary School. During the winter of 2014 a local service club (Bahama Ruritan Club) set up and operated a bird feeding station outside the fourth grade classrooms. To this end, different feeder types were positioned to give the students visual access to feeders that would attract a wide variety of local birds. The feeders were kept filled and clean by the Bahama Ruritan Environment Committee. The committee provided a poster of the top ten Bahama birds for identification to each class. With warmer weather, nectar feeders were added to the mix of seed and suet feeders in the hopes of attracting humming birds.

The Ruritan club is now planning to expand its nature efforts at the school by using its resources to establish a hummingbird area near the entrance to the school. The area is about 75'X75' and is currently grass, dirt, and planted mainly in daylilies. The plan is to establish hummingbird friendly plantings of hummingbird vine, trumpet creeper, different colored Rose of Sharon, purple cannas, hummingbird bush, and Japanese honey suckle, and coral honey suckle. Specimen plantings of mint, lemon verbena and catnip will be worked in a step stone path that will lead to an observation bench close to a set of nectar feeders.

The project will need funds to purchase 2 nectar feeders($40), a bird bath ($80), a bench ($100) and 5 hummingbird bushes in various colors ($100). Total is $320. The remainder of the project will come from a small committee budget of the environment committee and community provided planting stock and community sweat equity. The community has access to horse manure mulch and lots of ground wood chips, both free for the taking. The Ruritan club has access to equipment and workers to see the project through to completion. Once established the area will be cared for as an on-going project of the Environment Committee of the Bahama Ruritan Club.

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