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Susan Hobart

Madison, WI, United States


We love the birds that inhabit our urban woods and Oak savanna. This year we received a class set of kid-sized binoculars through Donors Choose and Birds of WI books through donations. Every Wednesday lunch recess, the 4/5th grade Lunch with the Birds Club goes outside to investigate the birds living and migrating through our Outdoor Classroom i.e.schoolyard. The club is led by a UW-Madison Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies student. During the school day, students are learning the parts and scientific workings of the binoculars in Reader’s Workshop and are then free to explore outdoors. By starting in kindergarten, we are supporting life long positive interests and conservationists while practicing literacy, science, and observation skills. Recently, Lake View School was honored by the Madison Audubon Society with the Young Conservationist Award.

Lunch & Life With The Birds

The Kindergartners looking for birds in the winter woods.

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