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Amy Sackaroff

Cary, NC, United States


We are starting a native plant pollinator garden at Laurel Park Elementary School in Cary, NC. In addition to including only native plants, the garden will have a garden guide with information on each species (to be completed as part of either the school’s community service club or a class Earth Day project) and (ultimately) informational plaques below each plant species that list their wildlife uses. The school’s community service club is going to build a bird blind this spring and other groups will be constructing bird baths, bird boxes/shelters, and insect boxes. One of our main goals is to demonstrate the ecological roles of bees and insects as pollinators and food sources for birds, in addition to showcasing the beauty of our native plants. Eventually we’d like to add native berry-producing shrubs, as funding/donations allow. The garden will be a part of the school’s outdoor learning environment and will be used as a resource for Earth Day programs and projects such as the Great Backyard Bird Count.


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Laurel Park Elementary Native Plant Pollinator Garden

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