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Consuelo Bachelet

Reston, VA, United States


We are an eco-school team participating in the National Wildlife Federation Eco-Schools program. Our School Grounds Committee, formed by four teachers, two community volunteers and twenty-two students from Kindergarten to 2nd grade last year prepared a plan to work on three projects based on the results from the eco-school grounds audit. According to observations during and after storms, the team found out that Lake Anne Elementary School had a formidable water drainage problem. During rainstorms, water poured through roof drainage spouts, onto a garden and sidewalk next to the school’s day care center entrance. The same problem was observed in both school courtyards and it could produce erosion in the future. The areas observed with this problem were in the courtyard #2 near the sensory garden and the old courtyard #1. It was also noted that the school had a small number of native species and trees. The team wanted to address the problem by restoring the loss of the pollinator garden that disappeared from courtyard #1 during our school renovation. The three projects were designed to provide opportunities for water sustainability lessons, erosion prevention, and several investigations and observations of natural habitats during the year for students from all grade levels and special education programs from Kindergarten to 6th grade at Lake Anne Elementary School in Reston, Virginia (General Education, Autism, Learning Disabilities, Spanish Immersion and Advanced Academics).


Habitat Helpers

Improving Our Schoolyard Habitats

Team work to create a dry path in Courtyard #2

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