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Karen Martin

Hudson, MA, United States

Award Winning Entry: BirdSleuth Garden Grant Winner

Hudson Public Schools BirdSleuth Gardens

The Bird Sleuth Grant was written to support a garden at our Farley Elementary School. When the interest spread, the district was able to support funding for our two other elementary schools in Hudson. A garden building project was set for April vacation. We had the support of over fifteen teachers and at one school our kindergartners came with their parents. Students were able to add the fertilizer to the gardens and plant seedlings that would be grown in the classroom until they were ready for planting in the garden. It is has been a cool spring in Massachusetts. Our kindergartners at Farley were the first class to plant. You can imagine how excited they were to see a bird had already been nesting the bird house near the garden. We are just now able to add more pollinators. The children are loving going to the garden right from the classroom. In each of the buildings we have a teacher leaders who is working with their class and other interested teachers to ensure many children have access to the gardening experience. Gardens will be maintained over the summer vacation by teacher, parent, and student volunteers.

Our plans for the future include full implementation of the new Massachusetts Curriculum Framework in Science/Technology and Engineering. In preparation for the curriculum changes, twenty-six of our K-4 teachers are involved in a three-credit course entitled, “The Work of Scientists.” In addition, the week of July 11th an additional twenty teachers will be finalizing our curriculum units in science. As part of this work, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology will be used to plan a vertically aligned curriculum K-4 with each grade level having experiences and responsibilities for the pollinator gardens.

We are very excited to the quality curriculum from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and appreciate the funding from Alaska Fertilizer.

On behalf of the Hudson Public Schools,

Karen Martin
Director of Elementary Education

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