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Sarah Geborkoff

Houghton, MI, United States


Habitat Helpers

Houghton Middle School Forest & Garden Project

Houghton Middle School is surrounded by "Succession Garden" which is cared for by our elementary and middle school aged students (many of which are also in 4-H). As a middle school science teacher and youth 4-H group leader, I was awarded a garden mini-grant through MSUE several years ago. The funds were used to purchase bulbs, perennial shrubs, mulch, plant trimmers and trowels, topsoil, and flowering annuals. Students care for these plants as well as a variety of evergreen and deciduous trees as the school itself does not have the resources to maintain this beautiful recreational area.

Our funds are running out, and the students would like to continue the project by planting more native plants that will attract butterflies, moths and birds. They would also like to place nest boxes along several sites.

Thank you for your consideration!

Some of our older 4H/student volunteers working by one of the 10 flower barrels that we take care of annually within Succession Garden. This garden also has evergreen and deciduous trees, perennial shrubs, a rolling terrain, and some wild berries. The garden wraps around both the middle and high school buildings.

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