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Sara Patton

Kutztown, PA, United States


Our kindergarten program prides itself on providing our children in the district with a full day of developmentally appropriate, hands on, engaging inquiry learning through all means that support their personal inquiries while also meeting necessary academic goals.

With a science approach and philosophy that provides a school garden in our courtyard to classroom units that allow for connections of real world learning through the investigations of worms, snails, fish, pill bugs, sow bugs, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, and hermit crabs, our children truly do understand what science inquiry is about and live it on a daily basis.

We provide opportunities to engage in our environment in all ways possible to bring out the most thought provoking and critical thinkers we have without them even knowing they are doing “hard” work!

Our class, at this point only has a set of 10 basic binoculars, however we would like to add to our resources new and more effective binoculars that allow us to really engage in our environment with detail.

Hands On, Developmentally Appropriate Learning

Looking for something high in the sky that wasn't a plane!

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