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Nancy McGowan

Hoover, AL

Green Team

I teach gifted education and I have a group of outdoor enthusiasts who are in love with nature of all types since they began in 3rd grade! As a third grade group they studied Alabama animals that were endangered in order to see how they could help. As a fourth grade group, they wanted to learn how to be more effective in their efforts to preserve and increase habitats and to educate others about our environment. I began by writing a grant for the Audubon Society and we had our local Audubon Director to talk to our group about habitats. We received the grant and had three Bluebird houses built, received instructions in how to check the houses and enter data on a Citizen Scientist site. I also wanted to help other teachers to integrate this information into their classrooms so I became a BirdSleuth Ambassador and held my first workshop. We ended last year with earning the Bronze Level in EcoSchools using habitat diversity as one of our platforms. This year, the kids have written information about our Outdoor Classroom and given tours during an Outdoor Classroom event for parents and students (10/24/2013). The kids designed a scavenger hunt and are in the process of organizing a "Green Team" which will incorporate learning about animals, habitats, conserving energy, and reducing our carbon footprint. My goal is to give my students real world opportunities to make a difference.

Getting instructions on building our Bluebird Trail from our local Audubon Education Director. Fall 2012

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