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Erin Murtaugh

Las Vegas, NV, United States


Slowly but surely we are getting to work in the schoolyard habitat. Each of my classes is assigned an area to maintain and “grow.” To get things started, we pulled weeds and picked up trash. Then, we planted flower seeds. Instead of buying flower seeds, I collected seeds from the flowers in my backyard. My students planted penstemons, blanket flowers, and chocolate flowers. All of these flowers do well in the drought conditions found in the Mojave Desert because they are native to the southwest. Now, we are waiting and hoping for the flowers to grow.


Habitat Helpers

Getting To Work On The Schoolyard Habitat

Determined to pull out the weeds.

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  • Mary Jo Storm says:

    You have a big project ahead, but I can see your students are working hard at making sure it’s perfect! Very nice job, guys!

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