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Vicki Vrooman

Tulsa, OK, United States


After a month-long, interdisciplinary unit learning all about birds, fourth graders teach students from our Primary School in grades Jr. Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and 1st grade at our Bird Festival.Fourth graders make bird feeders to put up around campus in our after school Science Club; students are involved in Math with graphs; Language Arts with creating birds, their adaptations, and art; students learn all about bird migration in Social Studies; in Science students go on weekly bird walks with binoculars and then submit their data to Cornell. We learn all about what makes a bird a bird. We learn about the problems that birds face due to people and how we can help. We are also hatching chicken eggs to learn the life cycle of a bird. We take all that we have learned and then put on a Bird Festival for primary school students.

Fourth Grade Is Crazy For Birds!

Bird Festival treat for fourth graders for teaching the primary school students.

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