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Margaret Gazdacka

Batavia, IL, United States


After many years our bird feeders are falling over and falling a part. This fall we are diversifying the feeders- creating different heights for the variety of birds such as ground feeders and suet feeders for woodpeckers. We have two gardens, one to mimic what you could do in your own back yard and the other as an education- working garden for our nature preschool kids to observe, learn and play in. Once we have the feeders and garden boxes in place this fall we will attack the next challenge- planting shade tolerant shrubs and flowers as both garden areas have 100- year old White Oak trees by them.


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Backyard bird garden- before picture. We will be updating it with new feeders this fall and new plants to attract a variety of pollinators and friends in the spring. Our biggest challenge is the wonderful 100+ year old White Oak that provides lots of shade so we will be researching shade tolerant plants.

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