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Jeannine West Paull

Parker, CO, United States


Habitat Helpers

Award Winning Entry: Pennington Habitat Hero

Encouraging Pollinators

On Earth Day, students in our class took a walk outside and compared/contrasted features caused by human impact and those caused by Earth processes (nature). We discovered an area on the edge of our parking lot that has been strongly impacted by erosion due to loss of vegetation over time through drought. Students wrote proposals to our principal to ask if we could plant wildflowers in this area--both to decrease erosion and to encourage pollinators in our schoolyard environment---something we learned are in short supply here through our Citizen Science study earlier in the year.

On Monday, May 19, we worked in this small area by turning over soil, amending the existing soil, and planting deer resistant wildflower seeds appropriate for the Pinery environment. Students are now watering the seeds to get them up and growing!

We hope to create a naturalized area that will be beautiful and provide many environmental benefits---including attracting many species of birds, butterflies, and insects.

: Work in progress at Northeast Elementary

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