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Duana Newcomb-Eckroat

Oklahoma City, OK, United States


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Award Winning Entry: BirdSleuth Garden Grant Winner


What a wonderful surprise it was to receive the grant. The need here at our school is great and our needs for repair and replacement as well as increasing the size of our garden is great. Our students got excited when some of the kale that was grown in the garden was actually used in a salad at lunch toward the end of school and they are very anxious to do more.
The grant money was used to purchase a new cover for our greenhouse which was badly needed as well as the materials including dirt to make 4 new vegetable garden plots. One of those is specifically designated for the pre-K program to create a pumpkin patch. After working with our third graders on the bird sleuth curriculum which they vastly enjoyed part of the grant money went to purchase flowers for our courtyard. The students also really enjoyed making bird feeders and houses out of repurposed materials including shoe boxes covered with duct tape and bird feeder with plastic bottles and wooden spoons. They were very creative and the houses and feeders are holding up very well. We also had a flower bed that had been empty for a long time and our summer school students enjoyed planting flowers there- right in front of our building. The fertilizer provided by Alaska fertilizer is really good and our areas are really showing the benefits of its use.
Because of the timing of the receipt of the grant and the growing season here in Oklahoma we have not been able to get our fruit trees yet, but have reserved $100 of the grant money to order trees in the fall.

Thank you Cornell University and Alaska Fertilizer for the opportunity to make a difference here at Crucho

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