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Katie Humason

Minneapolis, MN, United States


Every year the 7th graders at Minnehaha Academy use the BirdSleuth curriculum to learn how to become Citizen Scientists, as well as how to become student researchers. In the fall the students build bird feeders and set them up in our school-yard feeding station. We maintain about 15 feeders at our feeding station. All winter long, as the students develop their bird-identification skills, we collect bird data and submit it to eBird. By April, the students are doing their own research about birds. Some of the questions the students are exploring this year are, “Does the amount of cloud cover and the amount of species of birds seen?”, “Is there a correlation between the number of bird feeders and the amount of birds at those bird feeders?”, “Which type of bird feeder attracts the most birds?”, and “Do birds prefer plain, fruit, or peanut suet?”. The students are working hard to complete their papers in order to submit them to the BirdSleuth Investigator newsletter.

Citizen Science At Minnehaha Academy

AWARD WINNER: Pennington Habitat HeroSeventh graders watching birds and collecting data.

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