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Rebecca Gilbert

Fairbanks, AK, United States


Habitat Helpers

Catholic Schools of Fairbanks Bird Habitat

The Catholic Schools of Fairbanks put in a community garden three summers ago. It happens to be located outside of my classroom window. There is a bird feeder in the garden and we leave the sunflowers up throughout the winter as both shelter and food for the birds. This last summer I placed two birdhouses in the garden (as well as in a wooded area near the school, on district property). I also placed a 12 foot long stand for birdfeeders outside of my classroom, and a second 12 foot long stand for bird feeders outside of another science teacher's classroom (in a different habitat). Both stands have a variety of feeders: platform, suet, and tube feeders included. We have had a hairy woodpecker, a huge flock of bohemian waxwings, and numerous chickadees visiting our feeder arrays so far.

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