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Kara Benson

Zionsville, IN, United States


Boone Meadow first grade students want our campus Bursting with Beautiful Birds. We are learning about habitats in Indiana and want to make our schoolyard habitat better. We have been in our school for two years. This spring we looked at our property and made a list of things we need to make it better bird habitat. We already have one bird feeder, one bird bath, a bird house, some trees for shelter, and a few bushes, too. We have a small garden as our outdoor classroom. The garden has berries and grapes. We have twigs to make nests. We noticed that we have a lot of grass to mow. We want to add more trees and flowers, food and water. We are asking the principal for permission to plant sunflowers, to plant trees, and to stop mowing one part of our grassy field. We love birds! (photos and description by Boone Meadow First Grade students) This might be the first Habitat Helper project on the map in Indiana!!


Habitat Helpers

Bursting With Beautiful Birds!

We put up a bird feeder in our school garden. We hope to put up more in the near future.

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