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Lucinda Hemmick

Middle Island, NY, United States


The Science Research class, in collaboration with the Environmental Club at Longwood High School, have been setting up bluebird boxes on the school campus for 3 years. We now have a total of 12 boxes set up, using the strategy of allowing tree swallows to occupy one box while reserving the other box for bluebirds. Last year we had one nesting pair of bluebirds, and this year we have two nesting pairs. We hope to eventually have six nesting pairs every year on campus. We are trying to offer the birds a chance to repopulate our area. Our goal is to allow the students and faculty at Longwood High School a chance to view these beautiful birds, the state bird of New York, on campus.


Habitat Helpers

Bringing Back Bluebirds At Longwood High School

Eggs in Box 2, April 2017

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  • Peter Osswald says:

    We have confirmation of a total of 3 active bluebird nests with eggs at Longwood H.S. as of 5/9/17 for this spring.

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