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Anne Ellis

Salisbury, NC, United States


I am a Science Specialist for Rowan-Salisbury Schools. I teach all students from 1st grade to 8th grade. I have an Environmental Chemistry degree with an add-on Teacher’s License. My 5th grade class is taught on a 600 acre Nature Preserve. I have a bluebird trail with 36 boxes that are maintained, identified and counted daily with different groups of students. I have put up 3 osprey poles and have 3 active nests. On my Preserve, I have a Great Blue Heron rookery with 276 nests at last count. Last spring, I observed a nest of bald eagles. I have applied for a grant to purchase drones so my students can observe the nests from above. I was just awarded the 2014 Environmental Educator of the Year with this program.

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Cowbird egg with bluebird eggs

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