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Ellen McDougall

Ashburn, VA, United States


We are working to restore the bluebird’s habitat in and around our school. We have 6 bird boxes on our grounds – 2 in an outdoor classroom and 4 on the exterior.


Habitat Helpers

Bluebird Habitat Restoration

Once upon a time, a group of environmental agents formed a group called the Forever Greens at Cedar Lane Elementary School in Ashburn, Virginia. Their mission was simple - raise awareness of environmental issues and identify one species each school year to sponsor. 6 bird boxes are now on school grounds - 2 in a dedicated interior outdoor classroom and the remaining 4 on exterior grounds. The birdboxes are being monitored by a group of Girl Scout troops. Findings are then reported to the Virginia Bluebird Society.

We hope to expand habitat and food options for bluebirds including a mealworm feeding station and various shrubs and bushes to tide them over in the winter months.

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