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Shanna Kahler

Maple Shade Township, NJ, United States


My students are participating in Citizen Science and improving bird habitats at our school in Maple Shade, NJ.

Birds in the Shade

We have been fixing up our school courtyard to make it more attractive for birds. We now have three birdbaths and many feeders, and my students enjoy filling them. I have to rotate jobs to prevent hurt feelings! My 7th grade classes spend time each week birdwatching in the courtyard and reporting our results to eBird. Even on dismal weather days we can see into the courtyard through the windows. There are often more birds in the courtyard on bad weather days when students are not allowed out. In addition, we have been doing experiments for our Investigating Evidence unit, including an experiment that incorporated another teacher's scarecrow contest. The kids are excited about the birds and ask "Are we going outside?" nearly every day. I'm happy that they are learning real science and developing an appreciation for the environment and the animals that live literally in their own backyards.

Scarecrow experiment feeders.

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