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Barbara Bennett

Newtown, PA, United States


Dolores and I place our old feeders out to not only feed the birds but the snow makes a great back drop to get students into watching. Several helped us refill the feeders.

Birding can begin at any time.

It has begun slowly developing bird watching in our two courtyards at Newtown Elementary School. In past years two teachers have placed feeders and a few bird houses and to my surprise saw Eastern Bluebirds for the first time as they set up nesting. Since they have retired my fellow co-worker set up a suet, 2 sock, window and hopper feeders and two birdhouses last year. Our courtyards offer a great way to develop a birding habitat. It was a love for birding at home we wanted to open the eyes of our students to birding and the lifelong hobby it can become. Unfortunately our birdhouses were put up too late to get nesting birds but we had many visitors to our feeders. We did a lot of research and received the approval from the principal to proceed. Our school counselor would like to use this as a Segway to work with students having problems with school or family. Sadly, some critical family issues and our school preparing to absorb another school derailed our development. But this year with another co-worker we are moving forward. We have a meeting set up with a representative from the Bucks County Audubon Society this coming week to guide us.

Glass windows looking into Cherry Blossom Courtyard. Two bird houses later added by windows, with nut stack feeder by Cherry tree

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