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Laurie Salmon

Whitinsville, Northbridge, MA, United States


Habitat Helpers

Bird Friendly Schoolyard

Whitinsville Christian School is a small private school located in Central Massachusetts. We are lucky at WCS to have teachers that love to bring nature into the classroom, and children out into nature! Last year the children in our Aftercare Program decorated and hung several birdfeeders around the schoolyard and then took part in Operation Feeder Watch along with a kindergarten and second grade class. Prior to taking part in the project children were given tools to help identify the birds commonly seen in the area including coloring pages and bird call identifiers. Aftercare students set off with bird guides on a bird scavenger hunt and built their own nests out of clay and natural materials. This year they have continued to monitor the feeders and during a cold spell made pine cone and suet feeders to hang from trees.
Last year the preschool, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades along with the Aftercare Program started a school garden which will be expanded this spring to include sunflowers for our feathered friends!

Students filling hand painted bird feeder

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