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Mary DeAngelis

Royersford, PA, United States


Students in Grades K through 4 are observing and identifying birds that come to our feeders! We created a feeding station in our schoolyard, just outside the library. The feeding station includes a hopper feeder, several tube feeders, and a ground feeder. We are offering black oil sunflower seed, Nyger seed, nuts, dried fruit, and suet. Students can observe the birds from a large picture window in the library. Bird posters and field guides are nearby, as well as a pair of binoculars. Students are excited to ID the birds using the posters and guides. The were amazed to discover that goldfinches and chickadees stay in our area year round!

Brooke Elementary’s Bird Feeding Station – Project Feederwatch

This hopper feeder conains sunflower hearts. House finches love it!

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