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Lisa Dizengoff

Pembroke Pines, FL, United States


Our green space/garden , which is named  Art In Bloom, is a school-wide project (grades K-5), which integrates flora, fauna, and works of art. In addition to being a cross-curricular, mutli-disciplinary, hands-on, minds-on, engaging learning experience, it also provides an overwhelming sense of pride, accomplishment and memories to last a lifetime.



Habitat Helpers

Art In Bloom

AWARD WINNER: Pennington Habitat HeroChecking on our fruit garden

Recent Comments (21)

  • Monica Perez says:

    The kids REALLY enjoy helping!

  • Rina Perez says:

    Awesome great job

  • Melissa Nather says:

    Great job Lisa and Pembroke Pines!!!!

  • Nadine Ezersky says:

    Wonderful project! Great job

  • Kelly Cozzati says:

    Love the concept that the school is helping the children get in touch with nature and learning to love all the outdoors has to offer! Kudos to the teacher that started this project

  • Jennifer Foss says:


  • Christine Bludau says:

    This is a beautiful garden. That the students helped in its creation is wonderful and the beautiful butterflies and birds that will come to visit will let the students experience the beauty of nature.

  • Stacey Schwartz-Parent at this school says:

    I want to share that this is the normal for our school. The teachers are amazing and work hard at keeping the students engaged and active every day. I am very happy to see them get the recognition they deserve and hope others can take their desire and enthusiasm and share it with their students. We are a better community with them leading our children into the future!!!

  • Lisa Dizengoff says:

    On behalf of myself & the 700 amazing young scientists at Pembroke Pines Charter East Campus, thank you for recognizing our garden, Art In Bloom!!!
    We are working on the second portion of the entry in hopes of receiving a financial award to use toward our garden as well!! Thank you so very much for affording us this opportunity!!!

    Thank you for your submission on the BirdSleuth Action Map! We are thrilled inform you that you are one of ten winners for the Every Day Earth Day challenge

  • Ary Martinez says:

    It is no surprise that these students have gotten acknowledged for their hard work. Mrs. D is an awesome science teacher and the faculty at this campus is also exceptional.

  • David Ezersky says:

    I want to Thank My Amazing and Awesome Wife Mrs D and the 700 Awesome and Amazing students for the beautiful Garden Art in Bloom!!!!!

    Congratulations on A JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!!
    Also for finally BEING RECOGNIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gayathri says:

    Awesome job.Great

  • Megjie Banks says:

    Amazing job, Kids!!! Thank you, Mrs. D!!

  • Patricia Gill Castellano says:

    Amaizing job, the kids love nature and this activities can help them to be more carefully and protect our nature .
    Well done.

  • Janice McIntosh says:

    Love that the kids have the chance to get their hands dirty for all the right reasons. Great job PPCECS and Mrs. D! You rock!

  • Damarys Navarro says:

    Awesome!!!!!! Job well done to all the Teachers and Students and Special Thank you to Mrs. D. :o)

  • Shari says:

    Awesome job!

  • Teresa Pena-diaz says:

    Caring for the Earth is starts with our children.

  • Damarys Navarro says:

    Outstanding job !!!!! Thank you Mrs. D the students are truly blessed to have you as a teacher.

  • Eduardo Hernandez says:

    Great way to make aware the need for taking care of the earth.

  • Johanna Ramirez says:

    Excelent job!!

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