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Willy Herrera

Baltimore, Maryland, United States


Over the summer of 2014, a group of dedicated students reported to school to design, build, and install birdhouses. The goal is to improve bird habitat and bird activity in the school’s courtyard. In the completion of the project, students were able to put up 7 bird houses in two designs; singles and condo-style.

Students used a portion of $500 grant money they have received from environmental organization to complete the project. Students built these birdhouses from scratch. First, students researched about birdhouse design characteristics and local birds to benefit their project. Students designed their own blueprint with target measurements, students then went to Home Depot to purchase the lumber, equipment, and other materials, they then built, painted, and installed the birdhouses.

After the completion of the project, students revisited the research about their designs and learned that paint on bird houses is not necessary and it attracts predators.

Students constantly visit their birdhouses to check for occupants and to refill the bird feeders.


Habitat Helpers

AFSIVA GreenClub Built Bird Houses From Scratch

Few of the single style birdhouses designed and installed by AFSIVA GreenClub over the summer.

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