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Nicole Heiman

South Africa


Looking for funds for food & fuel to take some kids to a nature reserve. If any of your supporters would like to contribute funds or have binoculars, please send them to us.

A Visit to a Nature Reserve

Hi, I am emailing from Johannesburg, South Africa. At the moment I am trying to raise money to take some underprivileged children to a nature reserve just out side JHB. I want these children to experience the bush, birds, and nature and develop a love of these things.
At the moment our environmental issues in South Africa are dominated by old, white males which doesn't look good for the future of our biodiversity.
The photos I am going to attach are of a camp we did at the nature reserve a few years ago when some money was donated for the food & petrol costs.
Enjoy the photos!
Nicole Heiman

On a hike learning about the bush

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