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Kathrina O'Connell

Audubon, MN, United States


Lake Park Audubon Elementary has formed a collaborative partnership with Audubon Dakota and the US Fish & Wildlife Service in order to provide meaningful and engaging learning opportunities that focus on our Minnesota prairies. Together, the three groups have planted a wildflower garden at the elementary school, planted over 700 seedlings at the nearby Hamden Slough Wildlife Refuge, and have created other learning opportunities both inside and outside of school. The sixth graders have used the Kids-Teaching-Kids model to create and present nature lessons to the younger grades in our school’s nature area. Field experts from Audubon Dakota and the USFWS have presented nature-based lessons on prairies, insects, vegetation, and wildlife so that they can observe them outside in nature. Together they have presented valuable and unique learning opportunities that utilize nature’s outdoor classroom, and have created the perfect prairie partnership.


Habitat Helpers

A Perfect Prairie Partnership

Birdwatching at the Hamden Slough Wildlife Refuge.

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