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jean becherer

Belleville, IL, United States


Belleville East has long been known as an educational institution with a beautiful green campus, but in the last two years, students and staff, with the support of community volunteers, have created a bird sanctuary within our nature area. We have trees and forbs that attract wildlife, in general, throughout the campus but our bird sanctuary is situated next to the buildings where science, world languages and social studies classes meet. Here, we are striving to create a bird-friendly area that creates citizen-scientists who collect data. The bird sanctuary also allows people to see birds and their behaviors close-up and gives birds a respite from the highways and buildings that surround our suburban school campus.


Habitat Helpers

A Jewel In Belleville

AWARD WINNER: Pennington Habitat HeroStudents and staff donated personal money and time after school to plant our Earth Day 2014 tree in our nature area. This is among the largest trees we have planted, but it is only one of hundreds on campus.

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