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Janet Vigeland

Sparta, NJ, United States


Third graders at Hilltop CDS are trying to figure out why they have not had birds come to their new feeding area.


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Award Winning Entry: Pennington Habitat Hero

3rd Grade’s Mission to Help the Birds

The third graders at Hilltop Country Day School wanted to start a new bird feeding area. They picked a small place outside their classroom window, so they could watch the birds. The feeders have been up for about two weeks and still no birds. During their Outdoor Classroom period, they speculated as to why the birds have not come. One theory was that maybe the birds did not like the type of seed. Another guess was that it was too hot by the window. Still a third child thought the area looked sad. It was decided that they needed to add some plants to the garden bed, and maybe a small dish for water. Plans are underway!

The third graders are making a plan to enhance their feeding area and make it more inviting for the birds.

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