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MarkFine Elementary

Las Vegas, NV, United States


I held the 2nd Annual Conference Day Bird Count at my school on November 6, 2017. This event allows me to invite my students and their families to my class on a day when they do not have to come to school. There were two morning sessions. During each session, everyone received binoculars to borrow. Then, we watched a video from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, How To Get Crystal Clear Focus with Your Binoculars. After setting up our binoculars, we went outside to the schoolyard habitat to count the birds. During one of the counts we saw seven species of birds (rock pigeon, mourning dove, Anna’s hummingbird, Costa’s hummingbird, Say’s phoebe, white-crowned sparrow, and house finch). After each session, everyone put their data together and entered it into

2nd Annual Conference Day Bird Count

Checking out an Anna's Hummingbird with a volunteer from the Red Rock Audubon Society.

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