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Work together to improve schoolyard habitat!

Sometimes the conservation challenges facing our planet can seem overwhelming. With the BirdSleuth Action Map, we want to inspire young people to take positive conservation actions—even small ones—and share them. Projects might improve habitat through tree-planting, putting up bird feeders and baths, building bird boxes, or raising awareness among family and friends through educational campaigns or community events.

By engaging youth in local environmental stewardship efforts, and explicitly teaching them about the importance of their actions, they can see themselves as part of a positive force that is working to ensure healthy ecosystems for birds and other species now and into the future. Find inspiration from other submissions, share your actions, and see how our actions add up! Be sure to regularly check back and see what mini-grant opportunities we have available.

There are four types of actions we’re showcasing:

Habitat Helpers • Citizen Scientists • Community Builders • Nature Investigators

Useful Resources for Teachers:

  • Download this Habitat Heroes PDF that will give you some ideas to boost the food, water and cover available to birds on your schoolyard.
  • Our Habitat Connections kit will help your students learn about your local habitat and how birds use your schoolyard to meet their needs. It also encourages young people to participate in habitat improvements and monitoring!

There are four types of actions we’re showcasing:

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