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15 Minutes With Birds

Spending time observing birds at least once a week can enhance students’ interest in your local habitat and their ability to think scientifically.

Students with their take-home bird feeders at Loudonville Elementary Ecology club. Photo by Kimberlee Musser

New Habitat Heroes Are Here!

Thanks to our sponsor Pennington Wild Bird Food, BirdSleuth is able to award mini-grants of up to $700 to outstanding student projects that encourage mindful observation of schoolyard habitats and stewardship in their local community. Every month from January through June this year, we have heard about some amazing projects on our Action Map. Recently, five outstanding […]

Photo from Dorn Community School

Make a Difference Monday

The Passenger Pigeon was once the most abundant bird North America has ever known, but the last one died in captivity on September 1, 1914. What have we learned in the 100 years since then? That dramatic loss fueled the past century of conservation laws to protect species at risk, beginning with the Lacey Act […]