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Birding with Kids: Choosing a Field Guide

You want to help young people identify birds, and are looking for field guides.  You visit the store and find a dizzying array of choices. What to do? A field guide can help a budding naturalist learn even more about her favorite topic. For many birders, a lifetime hobby began with a field guide that helped […]

Photo by Laurie Solchenberger

Meet our Grant Winners!

Choosing our Habitat Hero Mini-grant winners isn’t easy! We’ve had many incredible submissions, but these past few months a few of them have really stood out. Thanks to our sponsor Pennington Wild Bird Food, we were able to award mini-grants of up to $750 to projects that aimed not only to improve their local habitat, but also […]

Photo from Susan Hobart

Binoculars for young citizen scientists!

Taking the time to stop and look at nature is the first step toward learning about the natural world. Binoculars not only help us zoom in on birds, but they allow us to focus our attention on the birds we are trying to observe. We are excited to announce that our sponsors at Celestron® optics have […]