Photo by George Dutton.

Using YardMap for Schoolyard Habitat Improvements

This blog is part of a school garden series sponsored by Alaska Fertilizer. Learn more about school gardens and grant opportunities. Whether you’re in a bustling urban setting or a quiet rural environment, birds are a great resource for engaging students in learning about nature and the environment. Taking students outside to study birds and the […]

Photo by Janet Bass

Maintaining your Classroom Feeder

Try these five tips for keeping your classroom feeder clean and the birds who visit it safe and healthy.

Photo by Kent McFarland

How Do Birds Survive Winter?

I know autumn has arrived in New York when I begin to see flocks of Canada Geese fly over head in their classic V-formation, headed south for the winter. While Canada Geese have a short migration, some species travel thousands of miles. Arctic Terns fly nearly 25,000 miles to their wintering grounds! If you are ever envious of the […]